Anxiety- The Most Non Talked About Issue Facing Business Professionals

After speaking with and surveying over 3,000 business professionals last year I
was amazed to discover that anxiety, the most non talked about problem affecting business
people, was an issue for 40% of those completing my survey. We will talk about almost
anything else but the issue of anxiety is strictly taboo in the business world. After
all, what would people think if they knew you really didn’t have it all together?
would promote someone like that? Who would do business with someone like that? My survey
hit both corporate and entrepreneurs alike, from administrative professionals to CEO’s to
small business owners. There didn’t seem to be any group that wasn’t affected. For some
reason most people seem to believe that they are the only ones who are affected. I know I
sure did.

I had my own dealings with anxiety a few years back. Surprised? Somehow I managed
to hide it from almost everyone. After all how could someone who was in my profession
expect to attract new clients if people knew the truth?
The truth is there were days when
I couldn’t even leave the house it was so bad. Anxiety reared its ugly head shortly after
a move, a flood, and the sale of a business I built from scratch, my mother’s heart
attack and a diagnosis of cancer. It doesn’t always follow traumatic events like this but
this is how it was for me. A few months later 9/11 happened. My world began to spin out
of control. I found myself unable to concentrate, my heart was racing and I was out of
breath. I was restless, edgy and keyed up. I couldn’t sleep and my muscles constantly
ached. My short-term memory was very short term.

And so I learned. I learned that sometimes you couldn’t just will it away.
Believe me I tried. Anxiety is a multi-faceted issue and I found that it takes a
multi-faceted approach. I do not believe in taking prescription medications so that was
not an option for me. Besides I knew that if this had happened to me then it was
happening to others as well. I was determined to get through this using only natural

I found a fabulous doctor, Dr. Janet Chene in Kerrville, Texas. She was willing
to work with me and offered advice on diet, supplements and herbs that would help. I
hired a Life Coach to work with me to keep me on track until I could balance on my own.
The key I discovered was balance. My entire body, mind and spirit were way out of
balance. I felt like I was walking a tightrope while trying to juggle balls in the air,
any moment I feared I would fall. The physical body needed support through proper
nutrition and exercise.

I learned to focus on my breath, to slow it down and mostly to become aware of when I was
holding my breath. Breath, I found was the key.I discovered that by simply changing the
pattern of my breath I could change how I felt and how I reacted to life.
Finally I began
to feel in control!

I am fond of using the breath and meditation. Once you learn the techniques it’s like
riding a bike, you never really forget.
You breath moves with you everywhere you go and
costs nothing to use. The key is to start somewhere and start now. Each day your life
begins anew and you have the ability to move closer to the life you would love to have!

There are so many ways to get back into balance and everybody has to find the
methods that work for them. From breath work to acupuncture to meditation to
chiropractic, there are many ways to restore balance to the body/mind. When you restore
the body/mind to a more balanced state you wake up each day in joyful anticipation of
what the day has to offer, your physical body is healthy and strong and your mind is
sharp and focused and your emotions no longer swing wildly from one mood to the next.

There is no one solution for everyone. Begin by combining different therapies and methods
to find the ones that work for you. Find a natural practitioner or doctor who you feel
comfortable talking to about your situation. Enlist the help of a Life Coach. With a little help you will be back in the game of life in no time.