Facing Business Change With Excitement!

In a lot of organizations these days, financial challenges will mean it’s time to cut costs.

And because of the vast number of workers getting laid off by their respective companies, money will be tight, meaning people will find it hard to afford all their consumer needs, in all but the most basic essentials.

Of course this begins the vicious financial cycle, where less spending often causes businesses to struggle, bankruptcies multiply and businesses are forced to shut down. Which in turn causes even more unemployment.

The income versus spending cycle, with the frequent hardships for so many people, makes it hard to find much comfort for anyone. So instead of letting those negative feelings fester, it’s time to appreciate how to live with change and learn some ways to face it with acceptance – even confidence and excitement!

With recession the main problem – at least in the short-term – one option is to see beyond the present and consider the bigger picture – the real opportunities that change can present, even if right now, things are looking tough.

Many people get into roles they are not fully aligned with, partly because they received poor guidance at an early age; partly because they chose wrongly for themselves and partly because roles evolve in different directions to what they anticipated.

So, here’s the thing. A great first step to be able to accept the changing workplace environment is to let go of comfort zones.
Living with change is especially hard after the stable and dynamic business environments of the past ten years. So when it’s time to move forward into the unknown, it’s very understandable to feel some apprehension.

Instead of dwelling on the downsides, it might be best to accept the fact that it’s time to move on, with the option to return to those comfort zones at a later time – if that’s really essential! For now, how about taking that progressive step to really engage with and accept that the time for change is now.

Next, since living with change, for this discussion, may mean changing direction, it would be really smart to research will help to acknowledge and then welcome new opportunities with a more open disposition.

By releasing preconceived notions that are held already about the most appropriate career, will enable personal growth, enjoyment and – because people perform best when they are being authentic – success too.

Finally, it’s vital to manage perspectives and be optimistic. Yes, accepting and even being pro-active with change is can be a frightening thing, being positive about it is a major asset to adjusting and getting comfortable again.

Living with change and facing it with acceptance may be hard at first, but with the tips mentioned above, it shouldn’t be that difficult in the long run. It might even be fun!