Two Problems Facing Businesses Checking A Candidate’s Background

For any business needing to check a candidate’s background there are serious difficulties. Two of the most important elements within any candidate’ s CV when applying for a position of employment include their education qualifications, and their previous employment history. Unfortunately the two elements within CV’s which tend, either by design or by accident, to include incorrect information, or omit critical and relevant information, include qualifications and previous employment history.

This presents businesses with a significant challenge, and whilst large businesses may already have procedures in place, many small and medium-sized businesses have found the challenge to be one which presents almost impossible difficulties. Yet the risk of employing somebody on the basis of potentially inaccurate and misleading information are very severe, both in terms of legal ramifications and the risk to the business of having somebody employed who may well have something to hide.

Inevitably when a business needs to check a candidate’s background it will begin with the information provided in the CV. But no business should assume that this information is either correct or complete, and often it can be the discovery that a candidate has been misleading or dishonest which can help a business make the right choice.

Possibly because many candidates feel that their education and qualifications from school, college or even university are from many years back, and represent only the very basic foundations upon which their subsequent employment has built in a more significant way, the number of embellishments featured in this section of the CV is extraordinarily high. Grades can be increased, subjects which scored poorly can be omitted, and even the name or description of the subject or course can be edited to improve its relevance or simply make it sound better than it may have been.

But when it comes to inaccuracies, exaggerations and the omitting of key information nothing comes close to the previous employment history. When a business needs to check a candidate’s background the key focus is inevitably on the most recent employment history, and these will also usually include one or more referees.

In some cases a candidate may have had a period of unemployment, perhaps due simply to bad luck, due to illness, or even due to incarceration. It’s important for any potential employer to be aware of these employment gaps, and to be aware of the causes. But often what candidates do is to remove these gaps by extending the dates of those periods of employment either side. This is difficult to identify unless you have access to official records, or manually contact each individual employer to verify the precise employment dates.

These are just a couple of the very serious challenges facing businesses, and it is easy to see how the process of checking a candidate’s background can become extremely time-consuming and very expensive. With a small or medium businesses the task can be made much simpler by using the services of a specialised pre-employment checking service.

These agencies have a wide range of tools and access to a great deal of data, as well as having a worldwide network of contacts. This means that businesses can carry out pre-employment background checks quickly, easily and affordably, enabling them to focus on what candidates can offer the business, rather than spending most of the time simply checking who the candidates really are.